Silvercorp Documents

This page includes a series of downloadable documents which readers may find of interest in evaluating the allegations of fraud made by against Silvercorp Metals (SVM), as well as the responses to these allegations as made by Silvercorp. The following documents have all been gathered from 3rd party sites but are believed to be reliable.  These documents are provided for convenience only and this list is not intended to serve as a complete list of all documents that might be relevant to an analysis of the ongoing controversy between Alfred Little and Silvercorp. Suggestions for additional material are welcome, and any useful new information will made available here as soon as practicable.

Included here  are:

1) the original Alfred Little allegations along with multiple responses from Silvercorp management

AL – report Sep 2011 – initial

AL report Sep 2011 – ore tests

AL report Sep 2011 – earnings misstatement

Silvercorp – 1st response

Silvercorp – 2nd response

Silvercorp – 3rd response

2) the NY State Supreme Court case ruling along with the appeal letter from Silvercorp

NY Supreme Court Judgemnt

Silvercorp Appeal

3) Copies of both the 2011 and 2012 geological report on Silvercorp’s deposit quality and quantities.

SVM – 2011 NI43-101 Report

SVM – 2012 NI43-101 Report









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