Reading Room


 This reading room contains links to articles and commentary which I feel is in some way worthy of attention. In some cases, this may include views which I may not personally agree with expressed by people or sources who I may not be overly fond of.  In general, it is good habit to take in a diverse range of views, including those different from our own.

Date Added
06/09/2020China investors grow angry at mud-slinging
Financial Times  12/14/2012
06/09/2020Why news extortion is so hard to uncover
China Media Project  09/08/2014
06/09/2020One Billion Chinese People Can’t Be Wrong…
Muddy Waters Research  2010-07-22
15/08/2020How to Read a 10-K  2011-09-11
15/08/2020Forms 3, 4, 5  2013-01-15
11/06/2020Inside a Moneymaking Machine Like No Other
Bloomberg  2016-11-21
24/05/2020The 32 most corrupt countries in the world
Business Insider  2018-10-17
24/05/2020No thank you, Mr. Pecker  2019-02-07
24/05/2020In Defense of Laziness  2017-12-03
24/05/2020Jobs Act 101
Other  2018-01-01
24/05/2020Native Advertising
Other  2018-01-01