Reading Room


 This reading room contains links to articles and commentary which I feel is in some way worthy of attention. In some cases, this may include views which I may not personally agree with expressed by people or sources who I may not be overly fond of.  In general, it is good habit to take in a diverse range of views, including those different from our own.

Date Added
31/03/2020Blue Line Jumps 11 Percent
Other  2000-07-06
31/03/2020How to Read an 8-K  2012-05-22
10/03/2020Should you Panic About Corona Virus ?  2020-01-24
10/03/2020Weekly US Influenza Surveillance Report  2020-02-29
10/03/202012 Federal Agencies Still Do Not Have Permanent Inspectors General  2019-02-11
10/03/2020Trump Leaves 13 Agency Watchdog Positions Unfilled  2018-08-20
21/12/2019Investor Relations 101
GQ  2019-06-04
25/08/2019Biotech Company Employee Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud Charges
Department of Justice  8/25/2019
30/06/2019Martin Shkreli’s Appeal Has Merit  6/30/2019
27/06/2019Banks Announce Billions in Share Buybacks After Fed Approval
US News & World Report  6/27/2019
20/06/2019BPTH Short Squeeze kills Market Maker MICA
OTCMarketResearch  6/20/2019
20/06/2019The Number 9 and Imperial buildings
China Vista  6/20/2019