Reading Room


 This reading room contains links to articles and commentary which I feel is in some way worthy of attention. In some cases, this may include views which I may not personally agree with expressed by people or sources who I may not be overly fond of.  In general, it is good habit to take in a diverse range of views, including those different from our own.

Date Added
09/05/2019Why Bigger Is Better for Stock Buybacks
US News & World Report  5/9/2019
04/05/2019XPO’s Buybacks Are Too Much of a Gas Guzzler
bloomberg  5/4/2019
08/02/2019The Math Behind Successful Relationships  2/8/2019
22/01/2019Why don’t auditors find fraud?
fraud-magazine  1/22/2019
13/01/2019China leads into era of automated trains
China Daily  1/13/2019