• “Dinner Table Effect”. Crypto assets spiked sharply after both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Traders expecting crypto assets to again spike very sharply on Jan 2.
  • In anticipation, traders, funds and algos may start aggressively buying crypto assets today. So GCAP may see abnormally strong buying pressure today.
  • “Let it ride”. With GCAP now at steep new highs, all recent investors sitting on large taxable gains. Refusing to sell until Tues defers taxes until 2019.
  • Even at $30 most rational investors would refuse to sell until Tuesday. This allows them to hold for further gains expected from sector on Jan 2 as well as show “window dressing”.
  • These sharp imbalances could cause a year end “super spike” in GCAP. Crypto stocks LFIN and FTFT recently spiked by several hundred percent in just a single day.

Traders from places like China and Korea are being forced off of their own domestic crypto exchanges but still want to pour money into crypto. GCAP now provides an easy solution. GCAP just added crypto products to its trading platform, BOTH long and short with 4x leverage. Much better spreads, liquidity, fees and reliability vs….

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