Behind the scenes with Vuzix, Sichenzia and IRTH

April 22, 2019 | RP
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Today I am issuing a new report. A link to the pdf is below.

Click the link in blue to view the pdf report.

Behind the scenes with Vuzix, Sichenzia and IRTH (, 22-Apr-19)

By necessity, the material in this report revolves around me. You will also see significant detail about heavily promoted public companies and their law firms, stock market “financiers” and “investor relations” firms.

I hope that everyone will understand the much broader ramifications of what is in this report. These ramifications extend far beyond Richard Pearson.

When issuing their filings and press releases, stock promoters, IR firms and law firms make a herculean effort to convey their deep confidence and conviction over the prospects for their companies to discover gold or oil, to cure cancer or to bring revolutionary new technologies to market.

Short sellers and journalists have often been vocal critics of such stock promotions, pointing out flaws and inconsistencies in their public statements, and demonstrating how the underlying businesses seem to ultimately fail with alarming frequency.

If you are someone who has ever considered publicly expressing a negative opinion or exposing some wrongdoing you have observed, then you need to read my report below.

It is 26 pages long. But you need to read and understand it. All of it.

Link: Behind the scenes with Vuzix, Sichenzia and IRTH (, 22-Apr-19)